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Hi All,

I am new to this game, which is exciting! But, scary. I thought I’d start off by telling you about my process to where I am today…a marriage celebrant who has yet to solemnise one. You see, it’s not as easy as doing a course and then bam, next weekend I’ve got two weddings to do. No my friends, it is not that simple.

The course itself is relatively easy, time consuming obviously, but I enjoyed learning the legal aspect (it played into my being a lawyer fantasy). Learning the process of a marriage or commitment ceremony allowed my creative juices to flow. The funeral component was a bit morbid, as you would expect, and the administration and business section gave the confidence to make me think, “oh yeah, I can run my own small business” B.O.Y.A.H.

So basically I was ticking off my dreams of being a lawyer and business woman in one. Oh and I get to make people happy. Happy days for me!

So, sweet, I am done, just got to wait for the government to give me a registration number. Right? Wrong. There’s a bit more to it, like, the government department has to conduct police checks, read character references, examples of your work, oh and proof you actually completed the course, of course….and then the waiting game begins for the registration to come through.

A few months later, plus a PA system, a new website and multiple social media platforms, I am up and running and am buzzing with anticipation! I have a commitment ceremony coming up in February and I am super-duper keen to get more under my belt. I also thought I’d start this blog to share with all you lovers about what it is like to be apart of a couple’s happy day!  

However, in the absence of having not yet conducted any unions, I asked a few of my friends who had celebrants to officiate their marriages recently to answer some questions. These were questions designed to give me ideas and feedback BEFORE I had officiated anything myself. If you want to know the bits of wisdom my friends have shared with me, watch out for my next article on my blog and you will find the pot of gold.

Side note: Check out my instagram account @married_by_leah where I post all things #love, #marriage, #weddings, #celebrant related and I slip in a few foodporn shots when I help my mate out to cater weddings… If you need some #menu #inspo, you’ll find it there.

That’s it from me today.


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