My first ceremony in 2018

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With January almost over, I thought I’d reflect on my weddings from 2018 before 2019 ramps up!

I conducted my first ever ceremony all the way back in February. It was a same-sex marriage and I was so excited that it was going to official, as the law had passed only a two months prior. Up until December 9th 2017, it was just going to be a commitment ceremony so I had to ensure that I had all the correct paperwork ready to rock and roll!

My first clients, Lauren and Carlee, were so GREAT. They were willing to take a chance and put a lot of trust in me to work magic on their ceremony.

I gave them a choice of answering five questions together or separately, only to be revealed at the ceremony. They opted for the latter – which I was secretly hoping for. Beautiful surprises are the best elements! We then worked on their ceremony together – leaving out the secret questions part and then once that was all confirmed, I weaved their secret responses into the middle section of the ceremony.

When it came to me reading them out during the ceremony, both girls were so touched by what each other had said about the other, there was a lot of laughter, giggles, smiles and dare I say, a little blushing.

It was perfect.

They had one reading read out by a bridesmaid during their ceremony which I would recommend over and over again: James Dillet Freeman’s A Blessing For A Marriage

But my favourite part what when I got to the Monitum (legal part) and announced that “marriage according to law in Australia, is the union of two PEOPLE to the exclusion of all other…” In that moment I felt extremely proud to be unifying these two love birds not only emotionally and socially but most importantly, legally.

What a moment!

But when it ended, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t glad it was over. I felt a huge sense of relief knowing I had successfully delivered my first official marriage and I was buzzing on adrenaline for the whole 4 hours driving home!

Four hours also gave me time to reflect and analyse what I could take away from my experience. From this ceremony I learnt that know matter how confident I felt and how many times I practiced, nerves go part in parcel with public speaking and its going to be up to me, and only me to learn to control them. I also learnt to always check my microphone volume levels on my speaker before starting!

Look out for my next blog to read about the surprise wedding I did in April.

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