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My first surprise wedding

Can I just start off by saying I BIG RED HEART surprise weddings.

I love being in on a little secret and then seeing the faces of shock and then excitement among guests. The screams, the joyous thrills and the shouts of “I knew it!” or “I told you!” It’s moments like this that make you feel pure joy and happiness for your clients.

My second ceremony last year was a surprise. Now when I say surprise, I mean a surprise to all the guests! The bride and groom were in on it. Legally one partner cannot surprise the other with a wedding ceremony on the day as both individuals need to complete paperwork to give to a marriage celebrant at least 31 days before the date that they intend to get married.

My clients had invited all their guests to their combine 40th and 50th birthday party down in the Royal National Park. It was a great ruse. They had been engaged for over fifteen years and always said they’d get around to making official one day…and so finally they did!

When it came to the evening, it was like any normal big birthday bash. Grazing tables of food, decorations, flowers, cake, tables set for a sit down meal etc. The bride was at the venue early making sure all the final touches were in place and the groom came down on the bus with all the guests…no one suspected a thing. Ok, maybe one or two people made an assumption once they walked into the venue, but for the majority they were none the wiser.

Around 6:30pm, a close family friend hopped onto the microphone to announce that not only were they there to celebrate a double birthday but also a wedding. The crowd went wild!

At that point my excitement had turned into adrenaline or my adrenaline had turned into excitement. I wasn’t quite sure except that I couldn’t stop smiling and took charge of the ceremony on absolute (natural) high.

It was my first couple that were already long term partners and had two children so my ceremony reflected a service about friendship, companionship and what marriage means.

The ceremony was sweet, short and simple but completely reflected my clients as a couple. There was no bridal procession, no readings or bridal party. It was just relaxed and casual and audience participation was frequent which added to the fun.

As surprise weddings are unanticipated, from this ceremony I learnt that I need to think quick on my feet and be ready for the unexpected.

I enjoyed doing this sort of service so much that I am constantly on the look out for more. So if this is something you are considering on doing, get in touch. I’d love to be your celebrant!


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