What Couples Want From A Celebrant

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I recently received an Easy Weddings report that provided valuable insights into the experiences couples have had with their celebrants. The report unveiled a treasure trove of feedback and observations that shed light on what couples want from celebrants. So with 88% of couples booking celebrants as their officiants, it’s important we know what our clients want!

Effortless and Stress-Free Process:

Couples cherished celebrants who made the wedding process feel effortless and stress-free. The magic lay in their ability to guide couples through each step, ensuring that the journey was filled with excitement and joy rather than overwhelming stress.

Engagement and Lively Conversations:

Celebrants who engaged in lively conversations with couples without being overly exuberant struck the perfect balance. Their ability to create an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere during discussions played a significant role in forming a strong connection with the couple. The most popular vibe that couples want from their celebrant is to be warm and funny.

MC Services as a Bonus:

The value of offering MC services alongside their celebrant role was apparent. Couples appreciated the convenience of having a multi-talented professional. The fact that someone can seamlessly transition between guiding the ceremony and entertaining guests as the MC is a plus!

Flexible Meeting Arrangements:

The option of alternative meeting arrangements, such as Zoom or FaceTime, was a delightful surprise for couples. Celebrants who adapted to modern communication methods showcased their commitment to making the process as convenient as possible for their clients.

Empowering Couples’ to write their own vows:

Celebrants who allowed couples to control the level of involvement they had in the crafting of vows received high praise. This flexibility showcased a deep understanding of couples’ unique dynamics and ensured that the ceremony truly reflected their love story.

Embracing Cultural Traditions:

Celebrants who showed enthusiasm for learning and incorporating cultural traditions that were new to them garnered immense respect. Their willingness to honour diverse backgrounds created a rich and inclusive wedding experience.

The report also highlighted intriguing facts about celebrant practices:

  • On average, celebrants dedicate 16 hours to curate a ceremony that is personalised and memorable.
  • Instagram and Facebook are the top social media platforms where you will find celebrants. 
  • And 83% of celebrants choose to market their services on Easy Weddings.

My take-aways:

I really loved seeing these insights because it showed me that I am running my business the right way. My goal is to take away as much stress as possible for my clients during the wedding planning process by doing all of the legal paperwork and writing their ceremony. I am your guide and support, not just on the day of your wedding but also in the lead up to it. Furthermore, our ability to do paperwork over Zoom has not only helped our clients but it also allows celebrants to be more efficient and convenient.

Incorporating rituals that are unique to my clients is also a favourite of mine. In the past, I’ve included a Persian custom that involved the bride and groom dipping their pinkies in honey and feeding each other. My friend who had Scottish heritage requested a hand fasting ceremony which was a first for me and so much fun. I’ll be doing a Thai blessing for my clients in my next ceremony. This will involve senior members of the couples’ families pouring water over the bride and groom’s hands from a shell. In the same ceremony we will be standing under the Jewish canopy or cover called the chuppah and smashing the glass at the end. 

Where you can find me:

I am also a celebrant that has a profile on Easy Weddings as well as Instagram and Facebook. So if you’re after a celebrant that will provide you with a tailored ceremony, is stress-free, and brimming with personalised touches and will make your day truly special, then get in touch. You can contact me via my website, my Easy Weddings profile or my social media accounts. Together, we can create an unforgettable wedding experience.

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