Top Questions I Get Asked as a Wedding Celebrant

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A celebrant standing, holding her marriage registry waiting for the bride and groom.

After almost six years of being a celebrant, I’ve met so many amazing and lovely couples along the way to discuss their wedding ceremony. Most of the time we discuss their wedding vision, their do’s and don’ts and what they want included in their ceremony. Although all my clients are different, the same questions do get asked. So I thought I would share the top questions I get asked a wedding celebrant to help you in your wedding planning journey.

Question: How Can We Personalise Our Ceremony?

Answer: Personalisation is the heartbeat of your wedding ceremony. I encourage couples to infuse their personalities, stories, and unique journey into every aspect of the ceremony. I send couples a questionnaire to assist me in crafting a script that captures your love story, incorporating anecdotes, memories, and even rituals that hold significance to you and your partner.

Question: What Legal Aspects Do We Need to Consider?

Answer: Navigating the legal requirements can seem daunting, but fear not—I’m here to guide you. At our first meeting I’ll talk you through the legal paperwork required. This includes the Notice of Intended Marriage, the Official Marriage Certificate and the Declaration of No Legal Impediment. I ensure that your ceremony complies with all the legal formalities, including the signing of the marriage register and lodging the official paperwork. This way, you can focus on celebrating your love while I take care of the legal details.

Question: Can You Assist Us in Writing Our Vows?

Answer: Absolutely! Writing vows can be both exciting and challenging. I’ll provide guidance and support as you craft your promises to each other. Whether you want to infuse humour, sentimentality, or a bit of both, I help you strike the perfect balance to create vows that resonate with your hearts.

Question: How Can We Incorporate Cultural Traditions?

Answer: Celebrating your cultural heritage can add a layer of richness to your ceremony. Whether it’s a traditional ritual, a reading in your native language, or elements from both your backgrounds, I’m skilled in weaving diverse traditions into a seamless and harmonious ceremony. Your heritage will shine through, creating a ceremony that’s authentically you.

Question: What’s Your Role on Our Wedding Day?

Answer: On your wedding day, I become your ceremony conductor, guiding you through every moment with poise and warmth. I ensure that the ceremony unfolds flawlessly, cueing music, coordinating with other vendors, and creating an atmosphere filled with love and emotion. Your focus can remain on the joy of the occasion, while I handle the details.

Question: How long should a ceremony go for?

Answer: Well it’s your wedding so it’s up to you. However! I advise to alway have a half an hour block in your schedule to allow for everything but the optimal time for a ceremony should be around 23 minutes.

Question: Do you have to have anything religious in the ceremony if we’re not religious?

Answer: Absolutely not. I am not a Minister of Religion so I cannot conduct any religious ceremonies. If you are religious, you can include readings from the bible and your ceremony can be focused around religious principles. But that is one of the best things about having a celebrant conduct your ceremony – we can include or not include anything you want! We don’t have to mention anything about religion.

There are many more questions that get asked but I hope I’ve shed light on the some of the things you may be thinking about when looking for a celebrant. For more on what couples want from a celebrant, see my last blog post. If you’ve got any further questions I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch either via my website or social media platforms.

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