My name is Leah and I’m a Commonwealth registered Marriage Celebrant.

How I became a celebrant

My journey to become a marriage celebrant began over a dinner with one of my beautiful friends.  She asked me to marry her and her fiancé because she couldn’t find anyone she liked! (I thought she was joking). She asked me again a few months later, I took her seriously. The next day I signed up for the course.

Why I became a celebrant

I have gone down the path of celebrancy because I believe that we are here on this earth to love. It doesn’t matter who you love or why, life is about experiences. As the old saying goes, it is better to have loved than never love at all. All love is equal and all are entitled to love. I am so excited that I can dedicate my time to celebrating people in love!

Furthermore, my full time profession in television production, compliments my celebrant profession twofold. By being apart of a team that makes factual programs, I am able to observe people, the way we interact and the connections we make to others. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people everyday, listening to their stories and learning about all walks of life. My production experience also gives me a unique sense of coordinating a scheduled production, event management and collaboration with teams of people.

What I can offer you

My job as your celebrant is to make the paperwork and your day as care-free as possible. My aim is to do everything for my clients so I can take a few things of their plates. I will tailor your ceremony to what your criteria but will make sure we have some creative fun as well. I encourage my clients to think outside the box and offer alternatives to traditional options.

Whether your ceremony is formal, casual or elaborate, I am fun, charming and cheeky and I would bring the right amount of energy to your celebration. I look forward to helping you plan your special day.

xxx Leah xxx