Commitment Ceremonies & Vow Renewals


My commitment ceremony service will be delivered the same way as weddings, except for the legal paperwork aspect, that is until we get marriage equality.

STEP 1 – Meet

We meet (YAY) at a time and date that suits you and get to know each other. Meeting you as a couple would be great, but not a problems if only one of you can make it, I can work to your availability. Similarly, if you are unable to meet in person for any reason, our interview can happen over the phone, via email, or Skype.

We will then talk about what sort of ceremony you are wanting to create, who you are as a couple, your stories and memories so that we can tailor these experiences into the service. Knowing how many people you want to include in the service also helps to create the structure of the ceremony.

I can help with inspiration for readings, music, etc or you can bring all of your own material. I am super duper flexible and ready to make you guys happy!

STEP 2 – Plan

Based on what you have told me I will create a draft ceremony for you to approve and from there we can tweak it to suit your ideal service.

A rehearsal is completely up to you. Depending on the day and location of the wedding, we may be able to  run through the service with the bridal party and music and anyone else included.

STEP 3 – The Ceremony

I’ll arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start to set up the PA, check in with both parties and make sure everything is on track. Once you both arrive and are ready to go, I’ll welcome the guests and get your love fest started.


Vow Renewals can be used to celebrate important anniversaries, or to re-affirm original commitments to each other throughout their lives.  They can be a beautiful way of celebrating the continuing love and commitment between a married couple.

The process will be the same as my marriage and commitment ceremony services.

Step 1 – We will meet and discuss your style, location, theme, requests, memories.

Step 2 – Based on what we’ve discussed, I will draft a ceremony for you to approve.

Step 3 – The Ceremony is what we’ve been waiting for!