So unfortunately we need to talk about the dreaded C word. Covid-19.

Many of my clients ask for my terms and conditions regarding Covid before they book me. So I thought I would put a page up on my website as a quick reference.

Please note, that all celebrants have their own terms and conditions because we’re all sole traders and run our businesses differently. For many, it’s their bread and butter so their contracts may be a bit more hard core than mine.

I don’t think we have any control over this virus so if a client’s decides or is forced to postpone I don’t charge a cancellation or postponement fee. All I ask is to re-book with me at a later date. Preferably another weekend date.

If I can’t do your date, I’ll return your deposit. This is the only exception to my non-refundable deposit.

If you have more questions regarding the above, please send me an email: