Live Streaming Service

No guest will miss your wedding day with Married By Leah’s Live Streaming Service.

See our live streaming features below for more information.

The View

We will provide two angles for your guests. This will be facilitated through Zoom. We use Zoom as opposed to other platforms because it is a private link, we can record, we control the guest’s sound and video and when you want to talk to your online guests, you can!

The Set Up

On the day we will bring: a tripod with a phone for filming and a top mic, a table and white table cloth for the 32” screen TV to sit on and a laptop to host the zoom call. We can set up anywhere with no power and low reception because we are completely wireless and have an antenna, so may it be a park, beach, forest, venue, you name it, we can stream!

Here’s how our live streaming works. We will provide a link to a scheduled zoom meeting prior to your wedding day. The meeting will be scheduled to start 10 minutes before your ceremony to allow for guests to enter and we can make sure they can hear us. It is preferred that you provide us with a list of your online guests so that we can communicate with them directly so not to hassle you on your day if there is some troubleshooting to be done. However, we’re also happy to provide you with a link to pass on.

On the day of the ceremony, we will arrive an hour early to set up and ensure everything is working. When it comes time to letting all the guests into the zoom room, they will be automatically muted and will be so throughout the ceremony. This is also a great time for your guests who are waiting for the ceremony to start to talk to friends and family who can’t physically be there. Seeing your guests interact with loved ones adds an extra special part to your ceremony. It’s really exciting to watch. Having facilitated this for a few clients already, I still can’t wipe the smile from my face as I watch people connect and describe the venue or how everyone is feeling.

After the ceremony, we will unmute your guests so you can talk to them or if you have a online guest that is going to participate in the ceremony, we can unmute them as well. This is also another really emotional time for the marrying couple as in most cases, the bride hasn’t had a chance to talk to any of the online guests until this point so we will encourage your guests to stay on the zoom call until you get a chance to talk to everyone. We will keep the zoom open for as long as you want.

We’re also able to record your ceremony and provide the video to you after the wedding.

Want more? We know that these are uncertain times and circumstances are constantly changing. If a loved one was supposed to be giving a speech at your reception, we can facilitate this speech virtually!

If this is something you were considering or hadn’t even thought of, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a consultation and we can discuss your needs and prices.

Thanks so much to you and Mat. You guys were amazing. Everyone loved the zoom too…I loved it too. Everyone was raving about you. 

Dominque Hales